What you should know about underground casinos

Chasing the excitement of doing something bad makes players consider underground casinos, poker games and betting on fights. Underground casinos are dark, mysterious, and you get an adrenaline rush just from being there. But before you reach out to a friend of a friend, knock and give the password, there are a few issues you need to take into account.


Granted, this first bit is fairly obvious, but here it goes: for the most part, underground casinos are illegal. The only way to play a game safe from the law is to do it in casinos that are outside anyone’s jurisdiction (like, say, international waters), or at a friend’s house, with mutual friends, where the house does not get its cut from hosting the games.

In the US, the underground casinos are illegal if they operate as a business. However, to truly know whether gambling at a casino is illegal or not, you have to check the gambling laws of the state in which you wish to play.

The reason there is a rush from visiting such places is that there is also a chance of getting caught. Namely, you could be swept up during a raid. Law enforcers don’t like repeat offenders, but they are not crazy about first-timers either. Food for thought.


While there is an occasional curious Joe/Jane, most of the people know perfectly well why they have chosen unregulated casinos. This means that you could find yourself sitting beside, or betting against, some very colorful individuals.

Another reason a person might decide to use the services of such a place is that legal casinos have the option to blacklist players, preventing them from playing in other legal casinos. There could be many reasons for getting blacklisted, like cheating, not paying your debts, or acting inappropriately.


None. Zilch. Nada. There is no Gaming Commission or Better Business Bureau to help you if you are not happy with the service. The owner of the casino might be persuaded to help you get what you have won, but you will not be able to prevent the house from winning, or cheating. We are not stating that underground casinos fix games or cheat. All we are saying is that you are on your own in such a case.

Going Online

While having the luxury of not having to deal with anyone in person, online underground casinos can, in fact, be a bit… murky. An explanation is in order: there is no way to do a background check on such a casino. There is no need to point out that giving your credit card number to such a casino would be gambling in its own right.