Common Mistakes When Travelling Abroad

Travel has always been something people love to do in their spare time, whether to see that one sight in another country or just to move from their home town anywhere else, for the sake of moving itself, travel has been there to satisfy the needs of the wanderers.

Travelling, however, requires you to plan ahead and prepare, something many people do, actually, yet they still end up having trouble, especially abroad. Travelling abroad is a bit different than travelling to another town a few hours away by car.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when travelling abroad.

·        Forgetting documents

The one thing you need when travelling abroad is your passport. Surely enough, there might be some places where you might not need it, like the European Union, yet you would do well to always have it with you when travelling abroad.

Getting to the border without the necessary documents can be bad for you, as you end up losing both money and time, not to mention having to deal with large amounts of stress.

Checking for visa requirements before even laying out any plans for your trip is also a must. Ending up without the right documents can be quite the nuisance so make sure that you have everything that you need.

·        Overpacking

If you’re headed abroad for a 7 days rest, do not pack as if you were heading for 3 months. Many places offer washing services so you would have fresh clothes no matter where you end up. Overpacking can also be bad if you exceed the weight limit on your flight/s. Packing too many things or buying too many souvenirs can end up costing you more than travelling light would ever.

·        Don’t just be a tourist – Be an adventurer

Usually, when people travel to larger cities or popular resorts, they tend to stay within the “tourist zone”, a very crowded area which is busting with opportunities for you to get your valuables stolen. Scammers also prey on those who consider themselves safe in such a crowded area.

Be adventurous, get out of those crowded boundaries, see the city or resort for everything that it may offer, the local cuisine or who knows which wonders. They all await just outside your fabled comfort zone.

·        Digitalize your trip

It is easy to lose direction when in a foreign city. People can be pretty silly when giving out directions so have your Google maps handy or some offline maps application like

If you happen to take a lot of photos and figure that you are at risk of getting your phone or data stolen or the data getting corrupt, set up a cloud storage at any of the many cloud storage services. Your phone likely came with a couple of free GB of cloud storage. That way, your memories get to stay with you.

Following these tips, your trip abroad is likely to be more fun than getting sent back at a border or moving through crowds just to get a drink of water. Be adventurous and smart.