What is So Special About Soccer?

We all enjoy watching sports, or even playing them. There are so many sports in the world, but only one sport is the most popular. That can change, but for the past couple of decades, soccer has been the world’s most popular sport. 

Popularity goes up and down all the time, but the number 1 spot on the list of most popular sports on the planet has not changed. Soccer is a great sport, but what makes it so great, why is it so special? Let us try and answer that.

Soccer Is A Way To Cope : Sport As Solace For A Community

Like most sports, soccer is a great place to start any sort of athletic activity. You could play alone, but given its nature, the best way to play soccer would be with friends. The sport is easy to pick up and can bring people together in no time at all.

With that much reach and popularity, soccer can provide for many people, from huge businesses that run like well-oiled machines to individuals who just like a casual game. Soccer connects people, which is one of the reasons, or perhaps the most important reason as to why the sport is so popular.

Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Master

Unlike many sports, soccer is very easy to pick up. It is a sport that requires a ball and goals, and players, of course. The object is to score more goals than the opponent. You can only kick the ball or use your head, unless you are the goalkeeper, in which case you are allowed to use your upper extremities.

The rules are simple and everybody learns them at a very young age. Even as an adult, learning to play soccer is easy. Mastering the sport is not easy, though that is true for any skill in life. Being so easy to pick up, soccer is approachable and anybody can play it.

It is Tied to Culture and History

In some countries of this world, like England and Brazil, soccer is tied to history and culture. Both mentioned countries have a burning passion for the sport. The fans are passionate and as a business, it blooms like nowhere else. 

For some people, soccer is like the light at the end of the tunnel, it is their way to the top. Most soccer superstars did not come from rich families, but were boys who took up the ball and learned how to play the game better than anybody else.

These success stories just make soccer more interesting and popular. But then, the stories get told and passed through generations, until they become an unquestionable part of people’s lives.

Soccer is popular for many reasons. It is a simple sport to learn, and it is easily picked up by most people. It has a rich history in most countries of the world. It is also a sport that enjoys a lot of advertising and media attention, but one could argue that the attention came after the sport blew up.

Finally, soccer brings people together.