Technological advances in the betting industry

A lot has changed in the betting industry since it became regulated, banned, regulated, banned and, finally, semi-regulated around the world. Because we exist in the wonderful 21st century where we have benefits like EvoBet welcome offer, and you really don’t need to physically drag yourself to a betting café, or call your bookie in order to place a bet. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Out with the Old

As it happens with everything given enough time, the procedures for betting have been simplified and updated. Betting cafés have been around for quite some time, and it has been a normal occurrence to follow the match or race on the café’s TV set, check the teletext for scores and leave with your winnings.

While they are still in effect, a simpler and more convenient way to place a bet would be through a mobile device. You can easily check your balance on your phone, activate a betting app, place a bet, and see the money rolling in, as your app informs you when the race or match is done.

So where is the real money in the betting industry? Is it relying on statistics and/or Lady Luck? Should you play the games the same way you invest money? No, the real and stable income is behind the scenes as more and more companies are struggling to come up with hardware and software that will become the revolution of betting.


It is extremely difficult to reinvent the wheel. There is also no need for that, if you just figure out how to incorporate modern tech into everyday problems, and, more specifically, your line of work. In the era or smart device synchronization and connecting your email, devices and social media through a universal profile, SBTech has come up with an idea to do exactly that – only with online betting.

One of their services is the iGaming platform, allowing bookies to track their players, present them with a broad range of payment options, as well as implement detection of fraud and illegal profiles (by, say, minors). The iGaming platform also allows its users to stay on top of gambling regulation. As you may already know, different states and different countries have vastly different laws.


Another tech company decided to throw their hat into the ring, as FSBTech offers three products: Sportsbook, Wallet and Casino. Their Sportsbook is just that, a tool used by bookies to quickly and efficiently take on clients and manage their bets.

Like SBTech, they also provide a universal Wallet, one account that wagers the money and collects the winnings across different betting app and events.

The Casino lets you be your own boss, as it integrates various slot machines and other casino games just the way you like it.