Some Tips for Solo Traveling

Exploring the world is not for the faint of heart. Even getting out of the house can seem like an impossible mission at times. Travel is an activity that most people do in the company of other people. It is safer that way and given our nature as social beings, to be expected. It makes us feel better.

At some point in life, there is either a need or desire to travel alone. That is a different beast to traveling in company. In order not to run into (many) issues, here are some tips on how to approach traveling alone.

Emergency Contacts And Updates

Phones nowadays are more like computers, so setting up emergency contacts should be easy. But, emergency contacts are not the only way you can make sure that you stay safe. Updating others on where you are is one of the best ways to stay safe. They might not be able to immediately help you if you are not heard from in a day, but they will know where you have been, or where you might be.

Update your friends and loved ones regularly. There are applications that can do that automatically, signaling your loved ones that you are safe and sound at a location of choice.

Get Health Insurance

Health insurance keeps you healthy when you are not healthy, without having to pay a fortune to enter and exit a foreign country’s healthcare system. It doesn’t need to be an expensive health insurance plan, but it should be one that can cover anything from teeth emergencies to catching a virus or even worse. Nobody wants to use health insurance, but are grateful that they have it when it is needed.

Have Your Valuables Secured

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Keep any valuables that you want safe in different bags or on your person. Avoid showing expensive jewelry and phones in areas of the world that are notorious for having thieves.

The less you expose your valuables, the more likely that they will be safe from any malicious intent, which leads to the next point.

Do Research

Learning ahead of traveling is one of the best ways to make sure that you are safe in another country. Countries have different laws, but more importantly, different cultures. In a city, there can be neighborhoods which you might want to avoid, or pubs that you might not want to enter wearing a rival team’s colors, even by accident.

Solo traveling is more dangerous, but there are fewer burdens to carry. With these tips, one is more likely to stay safe and have a good time. 

Everything boils down to common sense and keeping a level head, not to mention learning and planning ahead, both for things that you want and don’t want to happen.