Should you Become a Backpacker or Flashpacker?

Backpackers are people enjoying longer travels. They are a small percentage of the whole tourism market but very significant. It’s not easy to tell if this kind of tourism is on the rise but I would imagine that it is along with other departments of tourism. This increase has caused the creation of another sub-segment called the Flashpacker.

What is a Flashpacker?

The Flashpacker term is used to describe a similar type of a person, but this time around that person mixes cheap means of travel with expensive means of travel. They generally have a higher income than the average backpacker so they do spice things up while they are traveling. They also travel alone and for longer periods of time. Flashpackers often have equipment like laptops, cameras, a few smartphones, some MP3 players and GPS devices. They are always connected and online.

Personal Preference

Preference of an individual backpacker is certainly personal. But somehow Flashpackers can’t really help it if they see a luxury coursing option and hiking around the forest. Many of them will choose the more luxurious option among the two. If you find yourself on one of these cruises then you might be a Flashpacker.

Mixing different kinds of transportation gives backpackers more insight into what to pick and Flashpackers will most certainly go with the more comfortable option. Other characteristics of a Flashpacker is that they belong to an age group of 40-49 and less often 20-35. They are well educated and they have a lot of interest in meeting other travelers and locals. On the other hand, Backpackers might even work while they are traveling. It lets them refuel and stop with traveling for a while. It shows them the culture they are exploring up close.

What does a Backpacker actually Pack up?

A typical backpack is always ready to support its carrier with supplies that help them survive for at least a few days. This includes some food that doesn’t spoil, some dishes, a way to make a fire and possibly a knife to defend and use as a tool. Among other things there are cups for water or soup and a spoon and a fork.
You can never be too ready, so these backpacks are quite large in size and also include a tent for outdoor sleeping. If you like to read, instead of packing a pile of heavy books, just carry a Kindle stuffed with hundreds of books. Lets just hope you can get to civilization before all of your Kindle battery is gone. Also, don’t forget a flashlight and some spare batteries. A lamp of some kind will also become handy to use inside your outdoor tent.