New Products that will Make Your Recreational Activities more Enjoyable

If you’re looking for some really good equipment, tools and other great products (some of which you have probably never heard about) then you’re in for a treat. To make your outdoor fun even more fun- we’ve come to tell you about some of the latest and greatest gadgets that could make your trips more enjoyable and easy. You won’t have to work so hard or sweat the tricky stuff anymore with these new items. If you’re looking for water-related type of equipment, we can help you with that too.


A great place to stop and look at would be the company Davis. They sell amazing products online that fit your needs for all types of recreational activities in the outdoors. Not too long ago, they proclaimed they had new items to sell and we can all see why there was so much hype. They also improved some of their products for a more enjoyable journey for you.

Snap Tool Multi-Key

Not only has it achieved a great award because of how useful it is, it comes at an affordable price too. Less than $15 US dollars, you can do just about any chore with this brand new tool. Instead of looking through your countless drawers full of countless tools and items- switch to this one that can fit in your tiny pocket and go anywhere you go. It’s much more efficient and cost efficient than many other ones that will only collect dust anyway (since mostly everything can be done with this one). It’s also made of stainless steel– so don’t worry about it growing rust and breaking, it’s there to stay.


No doubt about it- this one is very useful and you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you love to take your boat out on the water to many places, you will be happy to know you can acquire these wheels to get your boat from your house to the water. Not only is it safer to have your boat on wheels while you’re taking it to the shore so that it doesn’t get scratched up, but it is much more easier on you too. It will be a quick process and you’ll wonder how could you have ever done it without the help of the Wheel-a-Weigh. If you want a better version, try out the Extra Duty one that can support 150 kg.

Chafe Guard

This is a good way to keep those lines secure and safe with this guard. If you have a boat, you definitely need to secure it to the dock and make sure it doesn’t drift away on you. It would be such a shame if that happened and it’s much easier for that to happen when you don’t protect the lines. They easily rub against other surfaces and wear away, but with this cheap guard coming in at $30 US dollars, it is so easy to keep them in shape.